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Franca Hellwig


Hello, I'm Franca Hellwig - and I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Have you reached a point in your life where you need new impulses and orientation? Maybe you are looking for a new professional or private direction, a better area of employment, a job that fits
you like a glove? Are you looking for a way how to deal better with stress, crises and challenges and integrate a healthier work-life balance into your everyday life?

I am a systemic and psychological coach, stress management trainer, resilience trainer and relaxation teacher, born in 1973, and I have been working with coaching and training since 1993. My greatest strengths are empathy, motivation, positive thinking and finding solutions off the welltrodden path. I see every crisis as an opportunity to take new choices.

Since 2012 I have helped numerous people to get to know themselves better. In our coaching meetings we develop your personality- and strengths profile, look at your personal system and find out which resources you can activate to realize your professional and personal dreams.

Several years of experience as a job coach have given me a good knowledge of the different life paths of people and of the current job market in Germany. As a consultant for personality analysis,
I got to know the different personality types and their strengths and weaknesses in communication. I bring all my knowledge into your coaching, which we arrange to suit your tasks and challenges and at your own pace.

Have you had problems with stress, crises or burnout in your career so far?

In addition to my work as a systemic and psychological coach, I am an expert in dealing with stress in a positive way. My motto is: "Better live stress-free" and, if you wish, we can integrate theoretical information about burnout, fear and exhaustion as well as knowledge about stress and its physical, mental and emotional effects into your coaching. In your implementation plan, in addition to the steps for professional realignment, we can also consider practical tasks for a stress-free everyday life as well as relaxation techniques.

My education and experience:

  • Certified systemic and psychological Coach (gGHH, Munich)
  • State-certified relaxation pedagogue (DGPG certified)
  • State-certified stress management and resilience trainer ((DGPG certified)
  • Reiki therapist (Usui Shiki Ryoho, Foz do Iguacu, PR, Brazil)
  • Yoga teacher (including 450 hours training with Dr. Laura von Ostrowski, Munich)
  • Stage dancer and dance teacher (André Doutreval and Silvia Haemmig, Kassel)
  • Engineer of Clothing Technology at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences
  • Expert for the positive handling of stress with own office in Starnberg near Munich
  • Numerous training courses in the areas of fascia, nervous system, vagus nerve, autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and TCM
  • Several years of experience as a job coach and lecturer at various educational institutions
  • Several years of experience in workplace health promotion in numerous companies
  • Self-employed entrepreneur since 2011
  • Development and management of several successful companies (including Tanzzentrum Rodenkirchen, Cologne)

I offer my coaching in German, English and Brazilian Portuguese in Starnberg or online.

Franca Hellwig

Witelbacherstraße 12
82319 Starnberg

Tel.: 0214 35 20 70 99

od.: 0800 0214 000